FAQ - Counselling

Simply what is counselling?
Counselling is about you and I working together.

Learn how to deal with anger, guilt & forgiveness. When you are talking freely, and I am listening attentively, an awareness of how you relate to yourself, other people and situations is developed by both of us. By exploring how you have dealt with the past, directly relates to the way you think now.

Sometimes that way of thinking isn’t helpful to you. It has become a habit or a pattern affecting your belief about yourself and your life. I can help you to break the unhelpful thinking habit and build a new more productive way to think.

To encourage better ways for you to cope with the difficulties you are experiencing.

I will not advise you or tell you what to do but I will help you to use your own ability to enable you to make those positive changes you need for a better future.

When you work with me you will develop understanding and more and more skills to help yourself as time goes on.

I offer a relaxed yet professional approach where you will feel understood and supported. Our sessions are for one hour, usually on a weekly basis.

There is no limit to the amount of sessions and a regular review of how you are progressing is provided.
What Is Psychodynamic Counselling?
It is an effective way to learn about yourself and why you think, feel and behave the way you do.

Discover how to reduce stress & anxiety

All your past and present relationships including family; friends; lovers; teachers; colleagues the experiences you have had and environment in which they took place, have a direct influence on how you think, feel and behave at present.

So, as you talk to me about your experiences at home; socially, school, work etc I can help you to and make sense of your past.

With this understanding of yourself and why you think feel and behave the way you do, you can make simple effective changes to take into your future.
What Is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)?
It’s a type of therapy useful to help you to manage your problems.

Think, feel & act more positively with Simply Counselling Matters

It involves us working together to identify your unhelpful thought patterns and what you automatically believe about yourself and other people.

By learning simple techniques, you can change your thinking to be more helpful so your outlook is more positive. I will teach you useful and practical techniques, quickly and efficiently. These skills can be used long after therapy has finished.
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