Our team is comprised of highly trained professionals who genuinely care about our patients and believe in the power of complementary medicine and holistic therapy. If you are suffering from any physical ailments, our team have a plan, just for you.

Leach Lane Clinic provides services from KORE Complementary Healthcare, Simply Counselling Matters and Irina Aesthetics.
We provide you with professional, effective counselling usually one hour per week in a friendly setting where you will feel supported and understood.

Our talented team provide comprehensive treatments to help you improve your appearance. We are patient oriented and results driven, and work hard to provide you with the highest quality of care in a safe, comfortable, and positive environment.

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Acupuncture is a treatment derived from ancient Chinese medicine. Fine needles are inserted at certain sites in the body for therapeutic or preventative purposes.
Recovery and rehabilitation is just a phone call away.
We get to the root cause of your medical issues, rather than just treating your symptoms.

Complementary or Integrative medicine combines the teachings of traditional medicine and the wisdom of alternative healing.

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Improve your emotional wellbeing
Big problems are resolved by taking small steps
Looking for simple and effective counselling and psychotherapy to find the cause of your problems and learn techniques on how to manage them? Let’s set aside some time for you, find the cause of your problem and provide some simple techniques to help you improve the way you feel.

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Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Leach Lane Aesthetics is a specialist non-surgical medical aesthetic company based in St Annes
Aesthetic treatments are carried out to the highest standards by an experienced, certified medical practitioner
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  • Recovery and rehabilitation is just a phone call away. KORE
  • Improve your emotional wellbeing Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Leach Lane Aesthetics is a specialist non-surgical medical aesthetic company based in St Annes Aesthetics
  • Room Hire available Room Hire
Paul Rayner
Paul Rayner KORE Therapy
We offer a comprehensive selection of complementary and holistic therapies that can be used either in combination with or in lieu of traditional Western medicine.

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Irina Aesthetics
Aesthetic treatments are carried out to the highest standards by an experienced, certified medical practitioner.

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Deborah Armfield
Deborah Armfield Counselling
Feeling Anxious, Worried, Afraid, Unhappy Or Perhaps Unable To Cope? Find uncomplicated help & support & professional, effective counselling in a safe & confidential environment.

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Been coming back to John and now Paul at Kore therapy for up to 17 years. Absolutely impressed and grateful for their therapies which have helped me overcome long term medical issues and to speed up recovery for injuries. Highly recommend their services which are professionally carried out by trained therapists and are incredibly effective.
M Ockwell
January 2019
Ten cortisone injections and hundreds of treatments didn't help. Two treatments with John and I could play - six treatments and I have never suffered again in 5 years. Truly amazing.
Trish Johnson
23 times US and European Tour Winner
When I came to KORE Therapy I had trouble with exercising and sports that I had always enjoyed. During this time, my confidence was low and I was often frustrated.

Sophie, not only helped my physical state and got me active again but she recognised that my mental health needed some help and was impacting on my physical wellbeing.

Over the past year Sophie has worked with me to turn everything around and I could not be more grateful for her help
Lee Heath
I had 8 sessions with Nadine and I could not recommend her enough. She managed to fix problems that other professionals I consulted over the years couldn’t. She guides you through every stretching exercise, explain the purpose of them and teaching how you can repeat them on your own.

I’m glad I met Nadine as I am finally pain free. I can definitely feel the benefits of the KORE therapy, and I am planning to have more sessions in the future to keep feeling good. Thanks Nadine.
M. Scafuto
National Phaco & VR Manager
Amazing service, lovely staff, would highly recommend to everyone.
Natasha Molloy
2 March 2018
I was referred to John by our club physio, it quickly became very obvious that John had skills I had not experienced before. I was happy to travel the 3 hours for my treatment as I could see the immediate results. He has had a dramatic effect on lengthening my playing careers with reducing the strains of being a manager.
Paul Simpson
World Cup winning England football manager
Paul did some work on me doing some spine and pelvis correction a couple of days ago and the results are excellent. The movement through my hips whilst riding my mountain bike is much improved, and my overall posture feels fantastic.

Will definitly be heading back to keep everything in check, and would defiantly recommend Paul to anyone who dose something where you repeatedly strain a body part, like your back mountain biking.

Thanks Paul.
Cross Land Bikes
19 January 2018
When I first came to KORE I could hardly walk, couldn't sleep, couldn't turn over in bed and was desperate. I'd had a knee replacement 6months earlier but the sciatic pain had floored me. The pain in my back was excruciating.
Sophie adapted her approach to ensure I got the treatment that was most appropriate for me. She was patient and professional and I've always felt safe in her hands.

Thank you to Sophie, I'd say I'm now 98% better which considering how bad things were only 12weeks ago is nothing short of miraculous
Val Lawrenson
Senior Lecturer UCLan
Within literally a couple of hour long sessions, pain that I had lived with for years was all but gone, and flexibility that I had forgotten was even possible quickly re-emerged
David Dredge
Head AMRO/RBS Investment
Great service really helps pain in your lower back
Christopher Devereux
18 July 2017
After a long search, many health setbacks that almost forced me to give up training, I found the perfect PT/therapist in Nadine.

Nadine fascinated me so much with her way of working that I let her educate me myself. During the training you can see that she loves her work, lives it and passes on her knowledge with a lot of joy, competence, excellent expert knowledge (also from a medical point of view) and commitment.

Without her I would not be where I am today and would probably never have chosen the path to become a trainer myself.
T. Krause
Scientific Assistant Plasmaphysics
I first visited Sophie in September 2017 with sever sciatica and numbness, following several treatments I am back to normal but have had maintenance every 8weeks to keep me right. I can not fault the treatment and I was back at work within a couple of days of starting treatments with her.
Vincent Pedley
I have the British championships this coming weekend so to make sure am at my very best I had a session with John brazier, and can safely say the guy knows his stuff! �� really looking forward to see what the future brings working with you.
Jordan Patterson
15 April 2018
I have been getting all of my body therapy work done by Paul (internaltraditions) for over a year now and the difference in how I feel day to day is incredible. Once I knew he was at Leach Lance Clinic I got in touch for some more therapy sessions.

I have had cupping therapy before and more recently I have had the muscular testing and skeletal structure testing. The treatments used to relieve problem areas were tui'na, shoulder release, leg and pelvis release, leg release and anmo fu. The difference afterwords was incredible.

Definitely recommend Paul to anyone in need of some body therapy work!
Allan Jeff Drummond
25 June 2017
I started off with regular personal training sessions with Nadine which improved my fitness and my overall posture dramatically.

Both my wife Silke and I have regular KORE sessions with Nadine whenever she is back in Germany and this simply gives you a different level of well being - especially if your thirtieth or fortieth birthday has long passed - and you don’t want to give in to all those twitches and the stiffness that develops in back, hips and shoulders.

In addition, Nadine is an expert in pain therapy (Liebscher-Bracht - a well established German therapy most likely unpronounceable for the English tongue…) which relieved Silke from pain in back and shoulders she had been coping with for years.
Silke and Kai
Cologne Germany
Dr. John Brazier - a man with magic hands. What he managed in only 1 session I didn't experience in 14 physiotherapy treatments. Sensational. Thanks John
Peter Hafner
Restaurant Owner
I have been having treatment with Sophie at KORE for a few months now due to various issues, during treatment I've had massage cupping and acupuncture done. I always come out feeling miles better then I go in, and Sophie always takes her time to explain what she's doing and why. It's a super comfortable environment with very knowledgeable therapists. Would highly recommend!
Andrew Langley
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